Sasha departed to another world. This is a dreadful loss for all of us! Unfortunately, she left interrupted half-word. After her departure we have a lot of unreleased songs and recorded vocal tracks. She left at the moment when the recognition of people had only started to appear in her life. Sasha always tried to fulfil herself as a musician. And such a genius person as she deserves for her songs to be familiar to everybody. To be remembered. I find it to be my duty to finish everything that had been started together with her. To release all half-done songs. To promote her creation! To make her dreams come true! To announce her voice to the maximum listeners!

Sergey Zyazin
(Atlantida project)

We already have a group of soul mates for the realizing of all the above mentioned. If you esteem the creation of atlantida project and the creation of Sasha Sokolova in whole, you can help the project.

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